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Clare Kealey


About me

I started practising IYENGAR Yoga in 2005 with a foundation course at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Acocks Green, Birmingham.



The depth of knowledge expressed by my teacher and the precision of the practice hooked my interest.  I increased my attendance at classes and started to notice and understand the benefits that Iyengar Yoga was bringing to me both physically and mentally.


After a very thorough training course run by Advanced teacher Jayne Orton, I completed my Introductory Level 2 teacher training in October 2013 and have since gained Junior Intermediate Level 1 certifcation too.


This training allows me to teach a syllabus of poses (asanas) and basic breath control (pranayama) to beginners and general level students.


I also had the privilege of visiting Pune in India in December 2013 to attend classes with the Iyengar family and attend BKS Iyengar's 95th birthday celebrations!


Through IYENGAR yoga I have become a more balanced individual with better ability to deal with the challenges life throws at me and I am driven to share this possibility with others.


Email me at:

Or leave me a message on: 07811 699170

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